Trixie’s Christmas



Hi guys!

A few days ago we printed and started illustrating a Christmas story for our buddies. Mine is called Trixie’s Christmas. I made it for my grade one buddy named Imogen. That’s my middle name!  My story is about a little clumsy elf named Trixie who breaks Mrs Claus’ favourites vase. Then gets kicked out of the workshop and must get back in! Above is the front cover!


Hi guys,

It is finally December. And you know what that means- Christmas! Last week we put up our Christmas tree to get into the Christmas spirit! Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? But Christmas is more then just awesome presents and delicious food. You have to be great full of everything you get and spend time with the people you love! Below is a picture of my Christmas tree. Enjoy!



Mars Project

Hello Everyone!

Last week I completed my Mars project. I have made a folder that includes lots of information about Mars. Eg. Weather, Atmosphere, Landmarks and size. We also looked at what it would be like to live and work on Mars.

Below is a picture of my Mars Project! Enjoy!





Hi everyone!

Yesterday grade 5V and 5M went on a bus to visit the Mars Australian Reserch Base. Also know as VSSEC. As we have been learning about Mars lately. It was a space science based excursion.

We traveled to Mars and played with rovers. We did cool experiments on Mars artefacts. Then we went back to earth and was in mission control. We had to evacuate all the people on Mars because there was a micro-meteor heading for the Mars base!

After lunch we played with static electricity. We did experiments on the different materials that responded to static electricity. Then we made cool electrical circuits using batteries, wire and a really tiny light bulb. Next we made dancing alien robots. They were sooooo cool! Sarah and I worked together and decorated our dancing robot like a Hawaiian hula dancer.

Overall I had an amazing time at the VSSEC and I would love to do it again! Below are some photos of our excursion!

image image image image image


This term we have been reading a book called Fish by L.M Matheus. It was a LONG book about a boy and his fish traveling to get over the border. To be honest I really didn’t like the book. They just kept on walking and walking and walking and walking! It got a little bit predictable and boring by the end.


I would give this book ⭐️ (One star) because it needed to get the point quicker and it didn’t really fit my tastebuds.


Hi everyone!

I have discovered a really cool website to write books on. It is called storybird. Professional artists post artwork and then you get inspired by the artwork and make words to go with it! I have already written a few books and you can read them and many more if you click on the link below…








I could be a Banker!

Hi guys!

Today in class I did some banking…   Well…   not really. We all had to make a pretend bank statement and work out the balance and if it was debit or credit. Now yes, I know what you are thinking…  “What is the balance, debit and credit???”

Debit- Money taken out of your account.

Credit- Money going into your account.

Balance- The amount of money you have in total.


Below is a picture of my work. My bank was called Sunshine and  Lollipops Bank. My client’s name is Miss D Flowerpot.

Bank Statement


Hi everyone!

You are probably wondering what GST is?! Well it stands for Goods and Services Taxes. To find out some extra info on it follow the link below!


Now you that you know a little more about the GST, here is a pretend receipt that  I made in class. My shop is called Kittybell Market because I like cats and the name Annabel.


GST receipt

Synonyms and Antonyms

Hello everyone!

This week we are learning about Synonyms and Antonyms.

Synonyms are words that mean similar things. Like for example: Happy and Cheerful.

Antonyms are things that have opposite meanings. For example: Bright and Dark.

List of Synonyms and Antonyms